How to exfoliate your skin properly.

There are a lot of reasons why you should exfoliate your skin. It is very important to understand that skin keeps growing in layers and your skin throws away the outer dead skin. This process could be sluggish and cause encourage lots of dead skin cells to accumulate on the skin surface which can then make you dry, dull and darker.

Exfoliating can resolve many skin issues like dry skin, blemishes, clogged pores and all sorts of thing.  To exfoliate means to remove in flakes or to peel off; exfoliating is just a fancy word for removing dead skin cells.

We want to exfoliate because those dead skin cells are clogging our pores and causing pimples, acne, razor bumps and many other problems. We also want to exfoliate so that we can produce new cells and our face and body can look clear and radiant. Another good thing about exfoliating is that it helps skin care products to penetrate deeply and do their job. It also makes for a good and even looking body tan.

Here are some tips on how to exfoliate the skin properly, we laid emphasis in the face because whatever works for your face would work for the body however we should warn that you should never use a body exfoliator on your face. They are too harsh for facial skin.

Let Us Begin. You should pay attention to

Granule Size

Make sure that the granule size in your exfoliant is absolutely small because smaller the granules are the gentler on the skin. (Cosmetic products containing microbeads  have been banned in the USA)


It is important to know that the dead skin layer also acts as a protection for your skin against infection and UV radiation so it, therefore, best to exfoliate at night because you are less active and less exposed to the sun, etcetera, etcetera. Another reason why it is best to exfoliate at the end of the day when you are ready to retire to bed is that it helps your skincare products to do their work while you sleep. People prone to redness after exfoliating also benefit from night timing because it gives their skin the time to calm and recover while they sleep.


Brush your dry skin with a body brush or exfoliating gloves because it will help remove the loosen dead skin. You don’t need to scrub many times; you can exfoliate twice a week and it is okay. Although people with oily skin can handle gentle exfoliation every day. 

After mild dry-brushing, wet the skin with warm water and then put a small amount of the exfoliating scrub on your fingertips or exfoliating brush. Move your fingers or exfoliating brush with a gentle but firm circular movement on the face. Remember your under-eye area, your nose, your forehead and neck and pay close attention to your elbows, knees, heels or anywhere that has thicker dry skin.

Wash off the product completely with hot water and but ensure that it is not too hot so as to burn the skin. Then follow up with cold water so as to constrict the pores. Now, pat the face dry with a soft cloth, clean the body then go ahead and apply moisturizer or any other skin treatment product recommended by your dermatologist on your face and body.


Face or body exfoliation may produce some redness and drying to the skin, so you must keep your skin hydrated.  It is always a good idea to apply moisturizing body lotion all over after any exfoliation to reduce future dead skin cells.

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