How to Drink Without Getting Drunk

Nobody goes to drink planning to get drunk or would I say normal people don’t go drinking with a plan of getting drunk but it happens anyway. From one bottle to two, then three, four and we all know how the story goes. The alcohol makes you feel bad and restless and when you finally fall asleep you wake up with maddening headache swearing off alcohol and vowing to never take it again in your lifetime. We know that feeling but what if we told you that you could put an end to all that, once and for all, without having to eliminate the drinking part. Check out the tips we’ve put below.

Eat something right before drinking because food slows down the time it takes for the alcohol to make it to your brain

Drink water before you go drinking and after every bottle. Water is efficient because water dilutes the alcohol. Alternatively, you can dilute your alcohol with non-alcoholic drinks.

Tiredness is risky  Don’t Drink when you are tired even though there is no scientific proof to support this claim Tiredness = increased drunkenness

Sip don’t Gulp it is important to take your drink slowly as the volume of alcohol inside your system at any particular point in time affects how drunk you can get. When you sip it slowly your liver has time to metabolize the alcohol in your body system before you add new alcohol. Try and enjoy it slowly instead of gulping it

Yeast!  contains an enzyme called ADH that breaks alcohol molecules down, in turn, it helps your liver to metabolize the alcohol and get it out of your system in no time. Mix yeast with yoghurt.

Have a glass of milk before drinking,  as milk ensures that alcohol is slowly absorbed and it enters your system slowly in little amounts such that the brain can handle the quantity of alcohol passing through it.

Moderation in all things is the key to not getting drunk, know your limit and do not overdo things and with every sip remember that alcohol is a toxin and the dose you ingest matters.

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