How to make razor bumps go away

Whether you are looking to prevent razor bumps or to eliminate razor bumps and ingrown hair the solution you need for a healthier and smoother skin after shaving is the same.

Razor bumps are tiny bumps on the skin that come up after hair removal in certain body areas.  They are formed when a hair instead of growing out of the skin curls back down into the skin and start to grow underneath the surface of the skin.

You can have a razor bump without an ingrown hair but usually, the two go hand in hand. Razor burn is irritation of the skin; you remove the top layer of your skin by shaving too many times in one spot or pressing too hard when you shave. The skin becomes irritated and consequently inflamed, now your hairs are below the skin surface and as they begin to grow and try to move towards the skin surface the inflamed skin holds them back and this is where you develop the bumps. Now if this inflammation continues, as that hair persists and keeps trying to grow, it is curled back into the skin creating an ingrown hair. The thicker and coarser your hair is the more prone you are to razor bumps.

The way you remove your hair is crucial to the prevention of razor bump & ingrown hair

Warm Water

You want to make sure that any area that you shave has been exposed to warm water this makes your skin soft, this makes your hair soft this also opens the pores and cleanses the skin of bacteria that could clog pores and lead to bumps. Clogged pores contribute to razor bumps so cleansing the area with warm water just makes everything a little bit more manageable.


Before you shave moisturize the area with a good pre-shave gel, shaving cream, shaving foam or with coconut oil don’t use baby oil as it would clog your pores and make razor bumps more likely to occur. Moisturizing the skin allows the razor to glide smoothly with minimum tugging

Sharp blade

Using a shaving razor with a sharp blade is helpful because the more times you have to go over a section of your skin, the more susceptible you are to razor burn, skin irritation and ultimately razor bumps. So shaving with a sharp blade means that you need one or two passes to remove the hair and there are fewer times that you need to scrape the skin.

Shave Properly

 Pull the skin to lift the hair a little Shave the hair in the same direction of hair growth and avoid going over and over the same spot to minimize irritation


Exfoliate the area that you are trying to keep from getting ingrown hair you can use a sugar scrub, apricot scrub just exfoliate to unclog the pores and reduce the probability of a hair been stuck under the skin and razor bump. You can find a good exfoliating product anywhere just exfoliate and remember the neck.

Apply Aftershave

After shaving rinse the area with cold water to constrict the pores and minimize the risk of bacteria entry then rub some aftershave lotion on the area.

Remedies for quick removal of razor bumps

Now if you already have razor bumps, we all know that it is not very good looking, it’s irritating, red and itchy. Below are some tips for you to get rid of it as quickly as possible.

Salicylic acid

Is used in to treat pimples and it can be effective on razor bumps as well. It removes the dead skin that keeps the hair follicle trapped. If you don’t have silicic acid you can use aspirin because aspirin also contains Salicylic acid.


We all know that aspirin is an anti-inflammatory drug when taken orally, it gets rid of muscle pain soreness and things of that nature but when taken topically(application to the body surface) it has the same effect. It gets rid of redness and irritation. The procedure is simple; you just put a little warm water in a bowl and drop two tablets aspirin into it let it dissolve. It should be thick and milky looking if it doesn’t look milky we just add another aspirin into the water. Now take dip cotton wool into the water and use it to wipe the affected area.

 Quash the aspirin tablet on your palm and is it with a few drops of warm water and use it to scrub your wet face/neck or bikini area if you have bumps and roughness.

We intentionally left out hydrocortisone creams and other similar products.

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