How to Do Sex Positions.

If you think that your bedroom action could use a boost, you’re not alone because most people are craving more excitement in bed. They are looking for more ways to enjoy the pleasure that comes from having sex and sex positions is one which we hear get mentioned a lot. They say a good sex position could help induce vaginal orgasm, they say a good sex position could help a man with a small penis, they also say a good sex position could help increase bonding because more parts of the body are in contact , finally they say that a good sex position can help delay ejaculation but most people don’t understand the mechanics of these sex positions.  

We are not here to deliver a verdict on if it works for what they say or not but to explain how to do a few popular ones so here we go.

The missionary position is a classic and this is for a reason it allows for lots of skin contact, Constant eye contact and easy access to kissing. In this position, the woman would lie on her back while he lies facedown on top of her.

While we are at it it’s important to note that Coital Alignment Technique(CAT) is a variant of the Missionary, it is used to gain more clitoral friction while in the missionary position. The goal is rubbing the clitoris with the base of the penis and this technique is achieved as the male lies above the female but moves upward along the woman’s body so that his pubic bone is touching the clit now he grinds. The right way to grind is up down and never left-right.

Spooning Position – there is something about this position that people don’t understand, you get questions like “Spooning Sexually Means?”. The basic technique to spooning during sex is simply to try to align side by side like two spoons would if you place them on top of each other. You can spoon while cuddling but the spooning sex position is penetration while spooning. It’s also known as the sleeper hold.

Doggie Style – This style needs no introduction and has a lot of variations any time you enter from behind someone has a name for that type of doggie it has become popular because it is good for standing quickie sex and many people enjoy the adrenaline rush from having a quickie at the backyard, kitchen, store, closet or anywhere fucking like a dog.

The basic technique is for the woman to bend like she is about to crawl and you enter from behind or she bends over while standing as you enter from behind.

The Cowgirl position – here the girl can take the reins and do exactly what feels good for her and it is also extremely popular because people love the view and can touch her breasts or clit others love it because the woman is in control and it allows her to relax and have more fun. The basic technique is that the man lies on his back with the penis pointing upward and the women would lower herself onto the penis. The reverse cowgirl is where the girl does the same thing not facing the man.

Like the normal cowgirl, the reverse cowgirl put the girl in charge of penetration and gives the man a great view of your sexy back and butt the reverse cowgirl also positions the vagina in such a way that there is something satisfying about the way the penis rubs against the vaginal wall.

Upstanding Citizen – this is strictly advised for people with lightweight. Lady, you have to place both legs around him while he is standing and he will support you in his arms. You can start this on the bed and later he can pick you up while the game is on!

A handy man’s job is learned on the job, not taught so practice, practice, practice.

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